Cyril Neville – Interview Podcast

Cyril Neville Interview.  Cyril Neville , is from the famous musical family,  the Neville Brothers of New Orleans., He has his own band now, Cyril Neville and the Tribe 13.   He is interviewed here in this podcast  about the pain he feels about  the New Orleans he loved and had to leave.  He now makes his home in  Austin Texas.  In the interview he talks about how for him, the New Orleans culture was losing the feeling of Old New Orleans beginning  with  re gentrification, which had begun before  Katrina.  He talks of how in his heart he feels the loss of  “home”  that he felt for his  city of birth, and  that to him that it is not “New Orleans” any longer.  He discusses the dismay that he felt when people referred to the poverty level that was finally recognized from before the hurricane and the frustration  about the attitudes that higher ups in government,and media unfairly dispelled on the people of New Orleans.

Project Gumbo is a project that Neville  started in Austin, Texas  to help keep that “Old New Orleans feeling”   alive and to help other displaced New Orleanians to be able to know they can have ” home” no matter where they are.. The traveling music venue ,Project Gumbo brings  the legendary Louisiana culture, no matter where you are.  When he writes his music he regards the lyrics as a historical document by showing what old New Orleans was about and about its rich history, both good and bad. .  It is his way of keeping alive what he viewed as what was most beautiful about New Orleans. He talks about the Mardi Gras Indians which I will explore more in this blog in future blog posts.    I was most struck by his heartfelt expression about the displacement he still feels as do many from New Orleans  who have not been  able to come home again. Neville said in his dreams he still feels as if he is there.

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