This is a Public History Blog

This is a public history blog about  Louisiana,its people, its stories, but most of all its rich spirit, that prevaled despite the  damage from Katrina.  I am approaching this blog as a cultural investigator of Louisiana, the most interesting and magical state in the country.  I will show you what I discovered in the French Quarter and the Garden District and about the people there  as well as the architecture  and the beautiful sugarcane plantations on River Road  that still exist.   I hope I can help you to see how special this place is and  its cultural importance.  We can never give up on this unique place, the Louisianan spirit is a strong one and there is much to learn from them. I want to also explore how Hurricane Katrina affected the people there and I will provide links ,videos and interviews of people there and how they have handled this. I do not know where this blog will take us, but I think it will be an adventure. 

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